Insanity and Pink Boxers: Catherine

18 02 2011

It’s edgy, it’s stylish, and it’s definitely orignal. My take on the action adventure puzzle video game: Catherine.

*This is simply my findings of the game, I have not played the full retail version myself but I can muse.

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The Author: Miyauchi Saya

10 02 2011

Smut? Perhaps but in actuality, it's so much more.

I find that my tastes in literature and manga is strange to say the least. I’m not looking for an intricate frame story nor jaw dropping art. To me, the most important aspect of any piece of reading is the narrative that is provided by the author. It may be difficult for me to discuss the various topics displayed in Miyauchi’s manga so bear with me as I attempt to word myself without being too crude or politically incorrect. Read the rest of this entry »

A Tentative look at Aria

6 02 2011

I would like to christen my new blog with a short review of a particular series: Aria.

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The Blog Forthcoming

4 02 2011

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Gosick 02: The Queen Berry

20 01 2011

To be honest, I’m already getting a little bored with Gosick.

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Update 19/01/2011

19 01 2011

So, a quick update for the folks that read my blog. There is going to be a lack of updates in the near future because I’m sick AND I have exams next week.

I may skip a few episodes or I could upload a whole boatload after my exams. Sorry, please bear with it for just a little longer. If I’m lucky and feel like skipping tomorrow, I can just post up a ton before I go into study mode (which involves me sitting around hoping that I’ll study).

On a side note, I’ve also reached 1000 views! HURRAAAAAAAAY. Thanks for reading my poorly written blog.

A Good Thing

3 01 2011

Has ended today. This good thing that I speak of is winter break. It’s over! DAMNIT.
With winter break over, I will be sad. No more sleepless nights of playing video games or watching anime.

Ah well, there’s nothing I can do about it. At least I can play Desktop Dungeons on my laptop while I pay no attention to the teacher. So, what is Desktop Dungeons you ask? Why don’t you find out for yourselves?
It’s a great game that only takes 10 minutes to play. However, I’ve sunk a good 3 hours on this today! It’s so addicting… SO ADDICTING.

On a side note, I’ve uploaded some new parts of my newly remodeled Let’s Play now complete with commentary! You can now listen to my sultry voice as it ruins the game for you. Hope you enjoy that although, I’ll probably stop producing it since it takes too much time and bores me.