Welcome to the Lonely Gazelle a metaphor for myself and my quirky little writings. The gazelle also happens to be my favorite animal.

The main focus of this blog is to display my rampant passion of anime, gaming and books but I may choose to incorporate a variety of different things in the future. Hopefully you enjoy some of the content that I provide and if you don’t, thanks for the hit anyways.

I do have a Twitter where I… tweet about my everyday life. Sometimes.


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2 01 2011

Wow 🙂 What dedicated passion you have for anime. Two thumbs up (Y)(Y)
I was wondering, would you like to form a group collab with me on blogging anime and manga? Currently I’m interested in a partner and happened to stumble upon your site 🙂 Feel free to decline if you wish.

2 01 2011

Hurray, you get to be the first commenter on my blog. ;P I’m not sure if I’m ready for a collaboration project yet since I’m busy with school and my own muses but perhaps. At the moment, your blog seems to be unavailable but it’s a definite maybe. *Edit* Nevermind, I see your blog now! Still a maybe though, lets talk.

2 01 2011

OH MAI. Terribly sorry. Hadn’t thought you’ll reply so soon. But thankyou nevertheless. Yer, sorry about my blog thingy. Been poking aorund with it. Still under construction and all.

Anyways. Moving along. Lets talk.

I understand that ofc, you have dedications to other things in life other than just wordpress and anime. Ditto for me. Highschool’s still a drag for me as well and work’s been piling up too. So no worries and hurries. For now, let’s keep things at steady pace. Afterall, there’s always the hiatus status. As for now, I’m trying to round up a few friends for the collab but atm, to no success. HOpefully that’ll change 🙂

2 01 2011

The thing that I’m worried about is that I’m going to be doing my own updates on anime. A LOT of anime. How would that work? I guess I could cobble up some stuff for both blogs easily… maybe you do a stanza and I do my take on that? Then we could get both our takes on the episodes buuut then again, I’m pretty long winded. Hrmm…The Otaku’s Blog is a good name.

I just checked your blog right now and I caught the glaring sounds of Velonica roaring with my ears. It hurts man. Also, I don’t sleep so I guess that could help us in the running. Fuck it, I don’t mind. Lets just do it… it’ll bring people to my blog as well. Hopefully you’ll have your friends to help. Must. Blog. More. Addicting.

2 01 2011

Um . Wells for starters, I was thinking along the lines of each writer blogging their own project/s of choice (unless they prefer to collab it with others e.g. you might do one one ep, and i do the other OR as you said, one does a stanza, & the otehr follows) As for your blog, feel free to blog watever you want, even if it’s the same animes/subjects.

Supposing that each writer sticks to their own anime, then perhaps you could blog on Insouciant Gazelle the projects which you yourself ain’t personally writting…? I dunno. Just watever feels fine with you.

And lol, thnx. As for the glaring sounds. YUP. I added a music player to the sit (GOD, IT LOOKS SO GIRLY D: maybe i should change themes or get a new player). It’s on shuffle so eyah, plays alot of songs. Either you had ur speakers on too loud or it’s the song – Velonica is pretty scratchy.

As for more bloggers to the site, dw, I’ve got a few on the list 🙂

P.S Get some sleep. Srsly.

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