The Blog Forthcoming

4 02 2011

As I have found my place among the ranks of those at The Otaku’s Blog, I feel the need to change up Insouciant Gazelle.

What I plan to do is to change this blog into a more editorial style. Less frequent updates but ones of higher quality. If you were reading for the daily reviews of the anime I am currently watching, hop over to ToB where I will continue my duty of enlightening you on each and every episode.

The style that I plan to do will encompass all my loves. Games, anime, manga, music, books. All is fair game now. Hopefully I’m still in contact with my muses and can create something greater than what IG is now. I doubt I will post something everyday but weekly is a good assumption.

Cheers, I guess, let us hope that I can do manage to produce something of worth.

– Jacqivarius




2 responses

5 02 2011

Sounds good. I quite like reading the editorial styled posts that people do. Not enough out there I reckon.
Looking forward to it…


7 02 2011

I’ll try to catch you at both places!

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