Gosick 02: The Queen Berry

20 01 2011

To be honest, I’m already getting a little bored with Gosick.

I just skip through the “supernatural” mysteries to see more of Victorique.




Welp, last time they boarded the Queen Berry ship in place of a Ms. Roxanne. In short, the ship is “haunted”. Far away and long ago, a ship called the Queen Berry was filled with children which they codenamed Hares. Remember those little bunnies being skewered by dogs in the first episode? It’s the same idea. People go crazy, kill each other, and stuff. It’s made even more boring because Victorique seems to know the answer to everything and the suspense is killed.

By the way, Kujo is one of those generic heroes. “She’s just a little girl! I need to save her because I’m a man.”

Don't open the damn doors! It's always a trap.

Really, I think I may just drop this anime. I’m sure that you already know that I’m not too fond of mystery animes. Usually, they aren’t complex nor atmospheric enough to keep my attention. I prefer Slice of Life or Shounen anime because it’s all mindless fun. If you’re going to make me think, please  make me think harder.


Oooh ghost ship.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Shin- I mean Victorique, I wouldn’t be watching this anime.


Nope, it's another room. You just have bad perception.


The food was drugged, classic.

Yeah, this anime is going.





7 responses

20 01 2011

You know what would’ve made this show the episode of the week? If in the least someone at the dinner had the smarts to realise the food was drugged. That would’ve definitely raised some interest there.

20 01 2011

They drugged the bread roll….now I call that effort. The bread friggin roll… who drugs up the bread roll??!

20 01 2011

LMAO . yes, let’s not forget the drugged bread roll. Ha, even my poisoned cookies sound more tempting than bread rolls >:D

But honestly, you’d reckon they’ll realis Victoria isnt Roxanne. A piece of invitation is by far the worst kind of identification ;P

20 01 2011

Everyone on the ship is stupid, thats why they get killed off so easily…
and what happened to the people working on the ship? Its like they all hopped onto the ship and it decided to set sail itself…

and yeah.. your cookies are definitely more tempting than the bread roll… I can’t get over it…seriously who does that?! Poisoned bread rolls…Lol…the more I think of this show, the more stupid it gets…


26 01 2011

That laugh is one of the best moments in that episode. I kept going back to re-watch those two sequences.

Anyway, the mystery is still way too simple to warrant a homage to Sherlock Holmes.

27 01 2011

It’s a shame that the mysteries are negligible. I enjoy characters like Victorique.

27 01 2011

Ditto. Let’s hope the next mystery will pwn the first.

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