SMT:Catherine is a Puzzle Game?!!

5 01 2011

What a minute! Shin Megami Tensei as a puzzle game? WAT

Do not be alarmed. This is still the stellar team behind the Persona series. Atlus may have called it an action game but… they’re right! It does seem to be an action game. This has to be the most action-packed puzzle game that I have ever seen. Not to mention it has the awesome Shin Megami Tensei otherworldly setting.

The monster design is quality as most SMT productions. It’s creepy, atmospheric, and looks like all around good times. Catherine’s sexiness helps the cause too.

If this is what the game is going to be like, I need a console. How on earth did they get a block moving puzzle game to move like that, I’ll never know but good job Atlus! I don’t know if I should be directing that to Atlus as they disbanded but the team is definitely well deserving of praise at this point in time.

Via: Sankaku Complex

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