The Black Company

29 12 2010

Books? Still my favorite form of entertainment. Never has a good book become eclipsed by a movie or animation in my mind. The most recent book that would enamor me would be the Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook.

First things first, I don’t exactly read often but when I do, I devour the book and all of it’s related brethren. I had never been much of a reader until I read the Tales of Redwall series by Brian Jacques. For some reason, that series just captured my attention. I couldn’t stop reading them until I had bought ever single novel. Maybe it was the descriptive style of Jacques, I don’t know.

The Black Company series however, is on an entirely different scale. After Redwall, I read all the fan favorites like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and even Twilight (I know… horrible of me) but Glen Cook provides me with a real sense of satisfaction when I read his books. In Lord of the Rings, there is that feeling of desperation. You know that their world is in the shitter but you also knew that they would pull through. The righteous side is clear and the evil side is even clearer. In the Black Company, they begin by fighting for the “evil” side. Morals came after money, hired mercs don’t ask their employer questions. It is just interesting how different a book can be when there isn’t a clear distinction between good and evil. When there is no ultimate evil, there is a lesser evil to take it’s place. When a beacon of hope arrives, it turns out to be a trick concocted by a sorcerer. There are no friends in this book, no external allies. It’s the Black Company versus the world. Literally. I don’t really know what I can say about the books except that they’re great.

You want your fix of wizardry and magic? You got it. You want backstabbing and double crossing? You got it. You want heroics and a belief of self importance? Well, you don’t get that but you get something better. What Glen Cook has devised is a diverge from the classic fantasy novel. There are little to no cliches in this book. He brings it down to a personal level. This is a book that many people can relate to even if you don’t see that right away.

TLDR; read these books, they’re great.




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